We develop and license products with passion and style.

Great products help people identify who they are.



Someday we will create interplanetary products that will aid in space travel. In the meantime, we love to design and develop products that look cool, useful, and easy to use.

Product Development

We develop products that are marketable, high profit margins, and low manufacturing costs.

Design and Usability

Create beautiful designs and deliver a great experience.

Licensing and Trademark

We license products and trademarks to great companies.


The products we create improve efficiency and organization. Kickstreet beginnings are far removed from creating products, but our core values have always remained the same. We are about embracing who you are by standing out from the crowd and having the courage to be different. We want to add value to you and the people around you in a small or big way.

Get to know us:

Founded: 2009

Size of team: Small

Is it easy to work with Kickstreet? Yep.

Are all of your products successful? We wish.